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Who's Your Chief - February

Mr. Chris Cutler is February's Who's Your Chief.

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August 24, 2017





Capac, Michigan - The Capac School Board is pleased to announce the successful sale of its $5.8 million of School Construction Bonds recently approved by the voters. The investment banking firm of Stifel Nicolaus of Okemos, Michigan handled the sale and reported good demand for the bonds from investors. Nearly all of the bonds were sold within the first two hours of accepting investor orders. As a result of the investor demand, the bonds were sold at an average interest rate of just 3.2% which is a full 1% lower than the planning estimates prepared by the District’s financial advisor. Over the 20 year repayment term, the reduced interest expense will be over $1.2 million dollars which directly benefits property taxpayers.


Moody’s Investor Service gave the bonds a credit rating of A3. The bond money will be used for remodeling, furnishing and equipping school facilities, purchasing technology and school buses and improving playgrounds and athletic fields.



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March 18
Fiddler On The Roof
2:00 PM
Capac Cafetorium
Fiddler On The Roof
Mar 18
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Capac Cafetorium
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End 3rd Marking Period (47 days)
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End 4th Progress Report Period
May 18

Who's Your Chief

If you know of a Capac Community Schools staff member who has gone above and beyond for CCS please nominate him or her for a "Who's Your Chief?" Award.


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