Technology How to Documents

How-To Resources

In this section you can find documents and reference guides on using the various functions the technology at Capac Schools. This section is updated regularly with tutorials. If there is any that you would like a guide for that is not listed here, feel free to email Help Desk with your request and we would be glad to create a tutorial.

Cisco Phones

Cisco 7841 (Classroom Phone)
Cisco 8851 (Office Phone)


Office 365 (Email)

Outlook Web App Basics.
Remove and/or Add your Office 365 Account to an Apple Device
All Office 365 Online Training Resources
Adding Shared Calendars


Foxbright (Website Software)

Quick Reference Guide
This document shows the basics of navigating the user interface and editing web pages.
Full CMS4 User Guide

Staff/Student WiFi Networks

Student WiFi Network How To (Sign-In Required)
Staff WiFi Network How To (Sign-In Required)

Microsoft (Windows and Outlook):

Adding Printers and Changing your Default Printer
This document will help to add a new printer or change your default printer.
How to Login and Change Password from Outlook Web Access
This document will help you to login to outlook web access and change your password.
Accessing Your Home Drive(Sign In Required)
Your Home Drive (H: Drive) is where you can save your documents on any district computer, so you can access them from any other computer. Your documents are kept safe, secure, and backed up in this location.
Changing Your Password and Locking Your Workstation
This document will show you how to change your password for Windows/Outlook and how to lock/secure your workstation.
Common/Useful Windows Shortcut Keys
This document will show a list of common/useful shortcut keys that save time.
Change Your Projector Display Mode
If you would like to change your projector setting, or if it changes automatically to a non-preferred mode, this document will show how you change quickly change this setting.


Google Apps for Education:

Getting Started with Google Drive and Google Classroom
Google Drive Basic Training
Change Upload Preferences to Automatically Convert Microsoft Files
By default, Google will make any files you upload read-only. In order to fix this, you need to convert these files to the Google Docs/Drive format.
Signing Into Google Chrome
Although this isn't a requirement to use Google Chrome, your bookmarks and settings will automatically sync to your account, so this feature is quite useful.
Google Drive/Classroom User Groups (Sign In Required)
This document will give examples of student/staff user groups that you can share documents with, email, or send Google Classroom invitations to.


Website URL Recategorization Form
Is there a website blocked that probably shouldn't be? We can fix this. We just need you to fill out this form telling us the website URL and what the website does.
Play DVDs with VLC Media Player
This document will show you how you can use your computer to play a DVD using VLC Media Player.
Adobe Acrobat Pro Software - Moodle
Want to Learn how to use soem of the more advanced features of Adobe Acrobat Pro. Login to Moodle (your regular district username/password) and enroll in the Adobe Acrobat XI Course.