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Attention all CVEP students!

We will be inviting a guest speaker to tell us about Storm Chasing on Friday, December 15. This is a great opportunity for anyone taking our Storm Chasers class. You"ll hear about a day in the life of this scientist. Don"t know what Storm Chasers is? We invite you to join us and learn all about it. If you enjoy the presentation, you can learn more about it in our very own CVEP Storm Chasers class.

Our students always look forward to any Field Trips we have to offer. Our June Field Trip to Cedar Point was a huge success, and we are excited to announce that CVEP will be taking our first Field Trip of the 2017-18 school year. We will be going to the Flint Institute of Arts Monday, December 18. Ask Mrs. Zimmer or Mrs. Beier for a permission slip.

Do you need to improve your typing skills? Go to, play under Typing Jungle, and create an account to save your progress! Mrs. Zimmer is offering incentive prizes for completing lessons which include: coupons, phone time, and free snacks from our Snack Shop.

Mark your calendar for December 21, for our much anticipated Annual Christmas Party, beginning at 11am. We"ll have desserts, watch a movie, and play some games. Bring a dessert to pass. "I am so excited and proud of all the events coming up this month." Mrs. Beier says. We hope to see you there!

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I was doing an assignment on the Aztec, Maya and, Inca. I came across an Inca ruler named Huayna Capac he was a great Inca ruler. Before he died he split his kingdom between his sons. Capac died of smallpox. Capac's death set off a civil war between his sons, Atahualpa defeated his brother and took over the empire. -Selena

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It"s that time of year again, CVEP students are powering up their Chromebooks and logging back into class. You may have heard of us, and you may have a few questions regarding our program:

Why should I choose CVEP? We offer a flexible curriculum to meet the busy schedules of 6-12th graders, catering to each student"s individual learning style. Does your school have limited electives? We"ve got over 60 courses, ranging from core classes, electives and AP courses. In addition to Art and Physical Education we also offer: Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Storm Chasers, German, Creative Writing, Mechanics and more! CVEP allows you to study the classes you want to take.

Having trouble scheduling classes? Maybe you"re interested in our program, but you don"t like the idea of going completely online. Try taking up just one or two classes here. You can get the credits you need, and still attend Capac Community Schools for the rest of the day.

Online student Monica B. states that, "I like talking to a teacher face-to-face."  CVEP offers on-site tutoring and support. We"re here to fit to your needs as a student. Whether you"re taking one class, or if you decide to be a full-time student, our program is here to see you through to your goal, graduation.

For more information, contact:

Mrs. Tami Zimmer

Virtual Education Specialist, CVEP

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