Positivity Project

What is the Positivity Project(P2)?

The Positivity Project is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping America’s youth build stronger relationships by recognizing the character strengths in themselves and others.

Positive psychology’s 24 character strengths serve as the foundation of The Positivity Project’s approach. We believe that character is more than just behavior – it’s what is inside all of us. And research shows that teaching children about their own positive character, rather than just positive behaviors, has an enduring  impact.

In today’s rapidly changing world, strengths of character must be intentionally cultivated at an early age. It is critical to ensure that our mental, emotional, and moral capacities grow alongside our advances in technology. And, we must make it a priority to educate our youth on how to tap into their character strengths – especially when times are tough.

Character Strengths

There are 24 character strengths

Curiosity – You like exploration and discovery. You find all things fascinating.
Kindness – You are generous to others and you are never too busy to help out. You enjoy doing good deeds for others.
Creativity – You come up new and productive ways to think about and do things.
Perspective – You understand that people see things in different ways.
Bravery - You show courage even when things are difficult or scary.
Gratitude – You are aware of and thankful for good things that happen.
Fairness – You treat people all the same and give everyone a fair chance.
Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence – You notice and appreciate everything around you. You don’t take things for granted.
Self-regulation – You have the ability to control your emotions and behaviors. You think before you act.
Perseverance/Grit – You complete what you start despite obstacles. You never give up.
Hope/Optimism – You expect the best from the future and work to achieve it.
Humility/Modesty – You do not seek the spotlight, you let your actions speak for themselves.
Integrity – You speak the truth and present yourself genuinely and sincerely.
Love – You value close relationships with others and being close to people.
Leadership – You encourage members of your group and value each one.
Love of Learning – You master new skills and topics on your own or in school.
Forgiveness/Mercy – You forgive those who have done wrong and you accept other people’s shortcomings.
Zest/Enthusiasm – You approach life with excitement and energy.
Spirituality/Devotion – You have beliefs about a higher purpose and are devoted to goals to self improve.
Prudence – You are careful about your choices and you don’t take undue risks.
Social Intelligence – You are aware of the feelings of other people and why they do things.
Humor – You like to laugh and bring smiles to other people.
Open-Mindedness – You examine things from all sides and don’t jump to conclusions.
Citizenship – You work well as a member of a group or team. You are loyal to the group.