Spear Graphic

Capac School Song

Capac High, Capac High, watch the Blue and Gold go by, for we’re out for a great victory! 
Hold that line, watch that score, run it up and we’ll get more, for we’re out for a great victory!! 
For its Hi Hi Ho, more the merry’o, shout for your warriors brave and strong!! RAH, RAH!
For we’ll win this game, cause we have the name
of the team that goes rolling along, keep it rolling. 
Of the team that goes rolling along, keep it rolling.
Of the team that goes rolling along!! 
Go Chiefs!!

The Chief Creed

Capac Community Schools are dedicated to the principles of teaching and learning. For these principles to be carried out, every person-student and staff-must accept responsibility for contributing to an appropriate teaching and learning environment. The following expectations serve as a guide to students in their conduct.


  • Respect the rights of fellow students.

  • Respect the rights and responsibilities of all school personnel.

  • Exhibit good behavior and manners, dress appropriately and use proper language.


  • Come to school with the attitude that the purpose of school is to learn.

  • Come to school prepared. (books, pens, paper and completed assignments.


  • Attend school on a daily basis.

  • Be on time for all classes.

  • Turn in assignments by their due date.


  • Strive to reach your personal potential by working to the best of your abilities.

  • Involve yourself in the total school program.


  • Treat others in a positive manner, and a manner in which you would like to be treated.

  • Always be a part of the solution.


  • Represent Capac Community Schools with pride both on and off campus.