Superintendent's Desk

Picture of Jeff Terpenning, Superintendent of Capac Community SchoolsSupt. Terpenning with RoarySupt Terpenning on Halloween 2018

Dear Capac Community:

When I came to Capac Community Schools I knew it was the right decision and that has been affirmed for me every day since then; Capac is home. Capac has a celebrated history in athletics, academics, and community involvement and there is much to be excited about for the future. With a commitment to students’ success, we continue to improve our physical environment, approaches to learning, and communication/outreach to our parents and community. We invite you to be a part of the great thing happening in Capac Community Schools.

Goal 1: Academics/Programs
Capac Community Schools will improve rigor and standing by engaging all learners.
Develop relevant professional development plan using existing Title II funds
Increase number of students meeting academic benchmarks based on statewide and district tests
Implement, monitor, and enhance professional learning communities across the district focusing on the English Learners staff and buildings

Goal 2: Learning Environment/Culture
Capac Community Schools will create new opportunities for both athletics and academics in order to become a destination district.
Create additional opportunities for elementary extracurriculars
Develop programs and opportunities to enhance and support a culture of academic and co-curricular excellence

Goal 3: Personnel/Leadership
Capac Community Schools will provide an environment for personnel and leadership success.
Continue work on alignment of K-12 curriculum
Create a professional environment and culture that encourages and supports all staff in their professional development

Goal 4: Communication/Community Engagement
Capac Community Schools will use multiple communication mediums to promote positive highlights of Capac Community Schools.
Implement and improve focused marketing and social media practices and policies
Work to increase parent and community participation in district activities to improve the perception of Capac schools
Continue to survey parents of students leaving or not currently attending Capac to increase enrollment and retain students

Goal 5: Operations

Capac Community Schools will maintain the district’s full operational needs within a balanced budget and achieve a visually appealing environment.
Formalize operations and transportation department
Continue to budget and spend appropriately in order to maintain district fiscal stability
Maintain and enhance curb appeal in the district

We would like to thank all of you for supporting Capac Community Schools. Without your support, none of the wonderful things taking place would be possible. We look forward to serving our children, parents, district, and community this coming year. 



Jeff Terpenning
[email protected]