Capac Bus Drivers

Jeri Fishel, Nick Slattery, Lisa Lulis, Cheryl Martin, Carolyn Kluger, Diann Moran, Greg Hunter, Sherry Harms, Dillon Raczak, Trisha Wilson, Mark Kreutzman

Capac Transportation Department
305 North Gl
assford Street

Capac, MI  48014

Bus Starting Time 
Buses will leave the bus garage between 6:20 and 6:50 a.m. to begin runs each morning.  Please have your children ready 10 minutes prior to the estimated time to watch for the bus until pick-up times have been established during the first few weeks of school.

ONE-STOP PICK-UP, ONE-STOP TAKE HOME POLICY  Your child's bus stops may be at two different locations or addresses; for example the home address for pick-up, and the childcare address for drop-off.  However, these locations must be consistent every day, Monday through Friday.  Bus passes will only be issued if there is a family emergency at the elementary level. No bus passes will be issued for Jr.-Sr. High School students.

Bus Schedule
The pick-and-take-home times are available at each school building one week prior to the start of school.  If you have questions regarding the times, call the bus garage at 395-3693.  Note that the times are estimates, have your children out at the stop 10 minutes early until times become consistent.