Mr. Sampson

Mr. Sampson

Image of Mr. Sampson and Family

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians

I would like to formally welcome you to English 10, Pre-AP Honors English 10, or AP Literature! 

I hope students enjoy the class and find it challenging. I will do my best to give them all I have and to prepare them for life outside the classroom. I am flexible and will help each student achieve success in class and will work with them to make it happen!

I was born and raised in Monroe, MI. In high school, I was an avid athlete specializing in swimming, baseball, and volleyball. After graduating, I attended community college and then transferred and commuted to Eastern Michigan University while working full time at Sears. I graduated with honors in 1994 with a BA/BX in English. I taught at Airport High School in Carleton, MI for two years before accepting a job in Capac in 1997. I did my post-graduate studies at Walden graduating with honors as I received my Masters in Education. I consider myself a life-long student, so I am continuing my education beyond my Masters. After retiring, I hope to continue helping teenage students as a Christian counselor.

I live off the beaten path in Ortonville, near Clarkston, where I live with my wife and twin boys. We sponsor a young girl, Christina, from Tanzania. We own an English Fox Hound mutt named Roo, and a Great Dane mutt named Jayburr. I love to travel and have seen 45 states as well as Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, and Ireland! I enjoy church, hunting, hiking, the outdoors, 4-wheeling, landscaping, and sports.

I am easy-going, love to laugh, and perfected the art of the pun. I am a proponent of groups, speaking, collaborative learning, debate, and project-based curriculum. Please contact me with any questions, concerns, or comments. 


 Mr. Stephen Sampson