ELA Curriculum

English Language Arts Currciculum


Writing Focus

Students will write a variety of text including:  Notebooking, Informational Writing/ Cause and Effect Essay, Constructing a Peer Response, Poetry, Adventure, Writing to a Test Prompt/ Narrative Writing, Research Project and Argument Essay


 Writing Process

Students will use process writing ithat includes prewriting/brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, and publilshing. 



Students will work on fragments and complex sentences, capitallization, paragraphing, and punctuation.


Reading Focus

Students will read a variety of text including:  Realistic Fiction, Essay, Informational Text:  Research Reports, Action/Adventure.



Reading Strategies

Students will read a variety of text using the following Reading Strategies:  Determine Importance, Connection Problem/Solution, Questioning, Prior Knowledge-Visualizing (Sequencing), Infering/Prediciting, Synthesizing-Problem/Solution and Repair Comprehensio