Capac Choirs | Jr./Sr. High School Music Department

Welcome to the homepage for Capac Choirs!


The mission of Capac Choirs is to enrich students’ lives through a comprehensive music education, as built through authentic and excellent choral experiences. Through inquiry, study, preparation, and performance of a variety of choral music, students will develop literacy as musicians, both individual and ensemble, as well as a spirit of responsibility, professionalism, and active kindness.


Our current 2017/2018 Course Offerings are: 


  • Jr. High Chorus (7th/8th Grade, non-auditioned)
  • Concert Choir (9th - 12th Grade, non-auditioned)
  • Select Choir (9th - 12th Grade, auditioned)



Please join us for these upcoming performances: 


  • Spring Choral Concert -- Thursday, May 17, 2018; 6:30pm; Cafetorium
  • Select Choir at Baccalaureate -- Wednesday, May 30, 2018; 7pm, Jr/Sr. HS Cafeteria
  • Select Choir at Graduation -- Sunday, June 3, 2018; 2pm; Cafetorium




 “Ah, music," he said, wiping his eyes. "A magic beyond all we do here!”


J.K. Rowling, as spoken by Albus Dumbledore


"For the common things of every day, God gave us speech in a common way. 

For the deeper things we think and feel, God gave the poet words to reveal.

For the heights and depths that none can reach, God gave us music --

The soul's own speech."