music advocacy

 Part of my job as an educator is to give you resources on the benefits of music education.  Often times, we as adults know that music education is important, but don't necessarily have the right words to convey that message to others.  This skills is becoming increasingly important during times of financial strain.  It is usually the arts and sports who take the biggest hits in pressing times.  Below are a few links that can help educate you in why we are so important and what we can say to others.  Please take a look!






National Art Education Association


NAAM Foundation


Children's Music Workshop


Music Education Quotes and Statistics


Dear MSBOA Members:

We have a need for all MSBOA members to advocate for the arts throughout the State. MSBOA asks that you have at least 10 active parents enroll by using the following link to gain valuable information regarding the happenings within the State Senate, House and Governor's office. This will help these parents better encourage our Legislators to solve the school funding crisis as opposed to delaying any solution further and causing disruption for our students' education in all areas including music. Please help MSBOA help you by directing your active parents to this link. We would also encourage you to go to this link, as it will help you to stay informed.




MSBOA Advocacy