English 1

English 1


Course Description

English 1 is a course designed to reinforce and expand reading, speaking, writing, and critical thinking skills, while encouraging students to explore new ideas and areas of knowledge.

The literary units that are covered throughout the school year focus on developing students' abilities to use the elements of literature and authors' techniques to analyze a variety of literary genres; including short stories, drama, realistic fiction, mythology, poetry, and a range of informational text and media. Students will also be researching authors and their literary time periods to see how these elements affect each author's writing.  Finally, students will use these units to explore their own ideas about themselves and the world around them.

Integrated into the literary units are lessons on clear communication; verbal, non-verbal, and written.These lessons will deal with effectively using grammar and word choice, as well as proper sentence/paragraph/essay structure.  Essays will include, narrative, persuasive, and expository.

Among the various projects and essays, will be at least one formal Powerpoint presentation. In addition to the   

novel(s) studied as a class, each student is expected to read one novel of their choosing per marking period. At the end of each reading session, students will be required to analyze what they have read and eventually use a PowerPoint system to share one of their novels with the class in a formal presentation. Students will also be using a variety of resources to research various literary time periods as well as personal interests and corresponding career opportunities.  Bi-weekly vocabulary lists and participation in weekly reading and journaling activities created to foster reflective reading and writing skills will also be an integral component in the English 1 curriculum.


                        Syllabus (still under construction)


Semester 1

Marking Period 1 (9 weeks)


  • Vocabulary building (throughout the term)
  • Independent Reading/Literary Analysis (1 day/wk)
  • Journaling/writer's notebooks (thoughout the term)
  • Unit 1: (1 Week)

              Tips for being a more effective student: participating

               in class, taking notes, studying effectively, and test

               taking tips


  • Unit 2: (2 weeks)

              Short Stories Unit : Elements of Fiction & Stages  

              of the Plot /Authors' Craft/Literary Analysis

  •  Unit 3:  (3 weeks)
  •   Romantic Era of literature

            Poetry: Edgar Allen Poe/ “ The Raven”

            Persuasive & Narrative writing


  • Unit 4:  Grammar Unit (this unit will be split into chunks and spread throughout the other units)

            Subject/ Predicate – Complete Sentences                

             Subject/verb agreement/ careful word choice
             Pronoun/Antecedent agreement 
              Avoiding Fragments and run-ons
             Quick List: 8 parts of speech and basic functions
              Focus: Descriptive writing/ Effective use of

  • Marking Period 2 (9.5 weeks)

     * Continue from term 1 throughout 2nd term

         Vocabulary building (throughout the term)

             Independent Reading/Literary Analysis (1 day/wk)

            Journaling/writer's notebooks (thoughout the term)

             Grammar (mixed into units throughout the term)

    • Unit 5: Career Research/Writing (4 weeks)

          *     Continue state mandated Educational

                Development Plan process – revisiting EDP’s;

                 making updates, doing interest/skills inventory.

           *   Meeting with counselors and parents to discuss      

                EDP’s, future courses, as well as post-secondary


           *  Research two careers based on EDP results and  

              create a brief, formal presentation on this



           * The last week of this term will be spent reviewing

              and studying the material covered throughout  

              semester 1