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          Ms. Caughel

2014-2015 Daily Schedule

1st hour:     English 1A

2nd hour:    English 2A

3rd hour:     English 1A

4th hour:     Prep/Lunch

5th hour:     English 1A

6th hour:     English 1A



                        Supply List (for all classes)

The following items will be used on a regular basis throughout the school year and will assist students in achieving higher scores.


  • A 3-ring binder (minimum 1")
  • Use tab dividers to divide the folder into 5 sections

        (1) Notes   (2) Vocabulary  (3) Tests/Quizzes  

        (4) Homework/Hand-outs  (5) Miscellaneous


  • Lined writing paper. Paper in packs is better than in spiral notebooks as students are expected to turn in neat, clean papers.
  • Writing Utensil: Students may use either pen or pencil. Pens, however, must be either dark blue or black ink only.
  • Separate one subject spiral notebook for journaling purposes.
  • 3x5 index cards (500 pack) these will be used for research and vocabulary exercises.
  • It is a good idea for students to have colored pencils at home as we do several art projects to re-enforce reading assignments.


Students must have a reading book (minimum 200 pgs) by the first Friday of the school year.  This will be the first of several self-selected books the students will be reading independently throughout the year.


Students are expected to bring the following 5 items to class on a daily basis: (1) organized English binder with a supply of paper and a witing journal  (2) Writing untensil  (3) Textbook (4) Student Planner - which students will be expected to fill out on a regular basis (5) Reading book


Students have HOMEwork several nights a week, although it is not always a written assignment or project. Students should take approximately 20-30 minutes each night (3-4 nights per week) to review and STUDY notes and vocabulary

covered in class.



Classroom Rules (for all classes)

1) RESPECT: Respect yourself, each other, school faculty,  

     and school property.

2) Be in your seat when the bell stops ringing. (4 tardies will

     result in a detention as being tardy is a poor work ethic and

     is disrespectful to the teacher and students who have

     already begun class.)

3) Come to class prepared. You will not be allowed to leave

     class to retrieve missing supplies or homework.

4) Use appropriate language. There are thousands of words

     in the English language; vulgarity is not necessary.

5) Follow all rules/guidelines outlined in the school



Please be advised, to promote an effective learning environment, school rules prohibit students from using their phones, except at lunch, between 8:00am and 2:52pm. If you need to speak with your child during this time, please contact the office.



Ms. Lori A. Caughel

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English & Sociology

Rm 117

(810) 395-3825


Central Michigan University

Bachelor of Science - Secondary Education (1994)

Major: English

Minor: Sociology


Saginaw Valley State University

Masters in Educational Leadership (2005)

Focus: Principalship


Central Michigan University

Technology Teaching Endorsement (in progress)


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