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Mr. Daniel Van Loon

History/French Teacher


Room 104


Daily Schedule (2010-11):


1st Trimester

1st hr French 2, 3

2nd hr European History

3rd hr American History

5th hr American History


 2nd Trimester

1st hr French 2, 3

2nd hr French 1

4th hour French 1

5th hr Greece, Rome, and the Middle Ages


3rd Trimester

1st hr Greece, Rome and the Middle Ages

2nd hr French 1

4th hr French 1

5th hr American Revolution





U-M Ann Arbor

B.A. History, '93

Wayne State University

Master of Arts in Teaching, '99


"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be lit."


Plutarch, 46-119 A.D.

Image of Eiffel Tower