Algebra I and II

          "Where will I ever need algebra?"


The answer to that is that you need it in any occupational field that requires higher education, such as computer science, electronics, engineering, medicine (doctors), trade and commerce analysts, ALL scientists, etc. In short, if someone is even considering higher education, they should study algebra. You need algebra to take your SAT test or GED.


Algebra also lets you develop logical thinking and problem solving skills. It can increase your intelligence! Actually, studying any math topic can do that (even elementary math), if the mathematics is presented and taught in such a manner as to develop a person's thinking.    





What area do you need help on?

Plane Geometry 


Data, Probability & Statistics


Algebra 1 material

Algebra 2 material




Top 10 Reasons to Study Mathematics! 


1.  When the teacher talks about an acute angle, you’ll know she’s not referring to how attractive the angle is. 



2.  If you can’t count to a million, how will you know if you’ve become a millionaire? 



3.  So you’ll realize that a factor tree is not the oak next to the school parking lot. 



4.  Because studying “pi”is simply delicious! 



5.  To learn that irrational numbers really do make sense. 



6.  So you’ll realize that place value doesn’t refer to how close your desk is to the pencil sharpener.



 7.  So you’ll understand that the distributive property has nothing to do with real estate. 



8.  Because solving word problems could lead to solving the world’s problems. 



9.  So you’ll know that a negative number isn’t a number with an attitude problem. 



10. To learn that Dewey didn’t invent the decimal.