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Welcome to Mrs. Hutchinson's webpage!  Not only do I teach Psychology this trimester, but I also counsel grades 8-10.  It is easiest to reach me via email at the address to the right, but also feel free to reach me by phone.


Psychology is a course designed for juniors and seniors to help students think creatively about our behavior, specifically, why we and the people around us do the things we do.  Open-mindedness and the ability to critically think about topics are musts in this class!  We have a lot of fun, but also do a lot of work! 


Advanced Placement psychology is a class designed to prepare students to take a standardized test that could earn them college credit in introductory psychology, depending on their score.  This test is given in May each school year.  There is a fee of approximately $85 to take the test, with fee reductions available for those who qualify for free and reduced lunch. All students in the class are expected to take the test.    


In this class, we will explore topics such as personality development and theories, different ways to approach the study of psychology, why we behave the way we do socially, what biological functions play a part in our behavior, and psychological disorders and their treatment to name just a few.  Critical thinking will be very important to fully understand these topics and produce a satisfactory score on the test in May.  We will study these topics and practice our critical thinking skills using a combination of class and small-group discussions, lecture, hands-on demonstrations, watching of documentaries and mainstream films with analysis of content, and extensive reading.  



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