Mock Trial I and II

“Don’t Argue with These Students”


Fighting, arguing, anger, and success…it is all in a day’s work for Capac’s Mock Trial teams. Mock Trial is not an activity that is cut out for every kid. This little heard of activity at the high school is one of the most stringent academic pursuits a student can participate in. Learning not only to think on their feet but also synthesizing information on the spot, students must support or refute arguments quickly. It is just another example of one of the great academic opportunities our students are offered.


I would like to introduce Capac’s Mock Trial teams. Mock Trial is a competition that pits two schools against each other in a given case. A lawyer, working pro bono, helps train students to become lawyers and witnesses and then litigate a case in front of a judge, jury, and audience. Each team consists of no less than six students and no more than ten students, three who play prosecuting attorneys and their three witnesses, and three who play defense attorneys and their three witnesses. Attorneys can also play the part of witnesses and vice versa. To prepare for the case, the students must read a case study, 123 pages in length, and then prepare the evidence for their cases. They practice as a team approximately ten hours a week.


The lawyer walks through the case with the students. Our student-lawyers train to make opening and closing statements, conduct direct-examinations and cross-examinations, and make objections. The witnesses must play their parts to perfection. They must know their parts so well that they “become” the person they are portraying, including that person’s idiosyncrasies and personalities.


This will be the 10th edition of Capac Mock Trial. We have grown to the point where we are now one of the largest teams in the state. We have improved each year to the point we are now considered one of the “elite” programs in the state. Our accolades include 5 top ten 10 finishes in the state, 3 tournament championships and 3 Professionalism championships (the Professionalism trophy has only existed for four years). Individually, we won 2 individual awards in 2015; 5 in 2014;  13 in 2013 in our local tournament. We placed 5th and 8th in the team category in 2015; 1st, 8th, and 9th in 2014; 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th in 2013 in the local tournament. Over 200 students have participated in our program!


The teams perform at the highest level of competition while representing Capac Schools with skill, grace, and intelligence. Our kids are exemplary in their preparation, protocol, and case development. I take great pride in preparing, teaching,and learning alongside these kids and they take great pride in our program! Congratulate a Mock Trialer if you see one!