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Language Arts Education

Mr. Stephen J. Sampson Room 114

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Personal Philosophy:Through the Language Arts, Capac students will gain the confidence they need to express themselves with the words they write as well as the words they speak. I want my students to use their education to make changes in their world and the communities they live. After being immersed in various texts, fiction and nonfiction, my students will learn how authors use and have used their voices to express themselves. Through immersion of carefully chosen texts that apply to real life, I want my students to find their own voices and to make them powerful. Our yearlong mantra will be: 

As the leaders of tomorrow, we will learn to use our voices, stay agile, alert, and flexible using our newfound knowledge in the pursuit of our goals.

Mr. Stephen J. Sampson

I am a 1988 graduate of Dundee High School. I earned my Bachelor's Degree in 1994 from Eastern Michigan University and Master's Degree Walden University in 2007. I have coached volleyball, track, and cross country. I currently coach the mock trial team. I reside in Ortonville, MI with my strong and independent twin boys, Alexander and Elijah, my brilliant and beautiful wife of 13 years, Brandee, and my two muts Roo and Jay. We are very active in our church, Bridgewood, in Clarkston. My greatest accomplishments revolve around my family and my students. I love my job and my students and think the Capac kids are second to none!