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    Physics A
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10-Oct10Section Review 4 (9-14p95, 21-27p101, & 34-39p107)
14-Oct10Study Guide 4-I
15-Oct10Study Guide 4-II
17-Oct10Study Guide 4-III
20-Oct20Quiz 4
24-Oct10Section Review 7 (6-11p178 & 15-21p185)
28-Oct10Study Guide 7-I
29-Oct10Lab 7-I
28-Oct10Study Guide 7-II
30-Oct10Study Guide 7-III
31-Oct20Quiz 7
3-NovNGUnit 2 Review
5-Nov100Unit 2 Test
  Physical Science A
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20-OctSection Review 4-I (1-7p110 & 1-8p119)
21-OctStudy Guide 4-I
23-OctSection Review 4-II (1-8p128 & 1-9p134)
24-OctStudy Guide 4-II
27-OctStudy Guide 4-III
28-OctChapter 4 Review (1-37 odd page 136-139)
29-OctChapter 4 Review (2-38&46 even page 136-139)
30-OctTest Chapter 4
    Science 7
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31-Oct10Section K3 (1-7p104, 1-5p111, & 1-7p116 )
3-Nov10HOA K4-I
3-Nov10MIN K4-I
5-Nov10HOA K4-II
5-Nov10MIN K4-II
6-Nov10Quiz K4
6-Nov10MIN K4-III
7-Nov10Chapter K4 Review (Concept Map, 1-7, & 1-19p123-125)
10-Nov50Test K4

Tim Muldoon

Science Teacher

 HS Room 202

MS Room 304

Phone (810)395-3830