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Physical Science A
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Date Assignment
16-Oct Section Review 3 (1-9p78, 1-9p86, 1-9p92)
17-Oct Study Guide 3-I
18-Oct Lab 3-I
18-Oct Study Guide 3-II
19-Oct Lab 3-II
19-Oct Study Guide 3-III
20-Oct Chapter 3 Review (1-37&43 odd page 94-97)
23-Oct Chapter 3 Review (2-38 even page 94-97)
24-Oct Test Chapter 3





Biology A
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Date Pts Assignment
17-Oct 10 Study Guide 7-I
19-Oct 10 Section Review 7 (1-7p174, 1-6p178, & 1-7p187)
20-Oct 10 Study Guide 7-II
23-Oct 10 Study Guide 7-III
24-Oct 10 Study Guide 7-IV
25-Oct 20 Quiz 7-I
25-Oct 10 Study Guide 7-V
26-Oct 10 Lab 7-I (Using the Microscope)
27-Oct 10 Chapter Review 7 (1-17&19-29p192-193)
30-Oct 20 Quiz 7-II



Physics A
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Date Pts Assignment
11-Oct PSAT
12-Oct 10 Section Review 3 (12-17p64, 34-41p71, & 47-52p75)
16-Oct 10 Study Guide 3-I
17-Oct 10 Lab 3-I
18-Oct 10 Study Guide 3-II
19-Oct 10 Study Guide 3-III
20-Oct 20 Quiz 3
20-Oct NG Unit 1 Review
24-Oct 100 Unit 1 Test





Earth Science
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Date Pts Assignment
18-Oct 10 Section Review F2 (1-6p39, 1-7p43, 1-6p48, & 1-7p55)
19-Oct 10 Hands-On-Activity F2-I
20-Oct 10 Meeting Individual Needs F2-I
23-Oct 10 Hands-On-Activity F2-II
24-Oct 10 Meeting Individual Needs F2-II
25-Oct 10 Hands-On-Activity F2-III
26-Oct 10 Meeting Individual Needs F2-III
27-Oct 10 Meeting Individual Needs F2-IV
30-Oct 15 Quiz F2
30-Oct 10 Chapter Review F2 (page61-63, all but #21)
1-Nov 50 Test F2