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Physical Science B
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Pts Date Assignment

10 24-Apr Section Review 14 (1-6p462, 1-9p471, & 1-8p478)
10 25-Apr Lab 14-I
10 25-Apr Study Guide 14-I
10 26-Apr Lab 14-II
10 26-Apr Study Guide 14-II
10 27-Apr Study Guide 14-III
10 30-Apr Chapter 14 Review (1-43 odd page 480-483)
10 1-May Chapter 14 Review (2-42,48,&52 even page 480-483)
2-May NWEA testing
50 3-May Test Chapter 14



Biology B
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Date Pts Assignment
16-Apr 10 Section Review 13 (1-6p340, 1-6p348, & 1-6p353)
17-Apr 10 Study Guide 13-I
18-Apr 10 Lab 13-I
19-Apr 10 Study Guide 13-II
20-Apr 10 Study Guide 13-III
23-Apr 10 Chapter Review 13 (1-15 & 17-21 p358-359)
24-Apr 20 Quiz 13
24-Apr 10 Unit 7 Review (Chp 11)
25-Apr 10 Unit 7 Review (Chp 13)
27-Apr 60 Unit 7 Test 




Physics B
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Date Pts Assignment

13-Apr 10 Study Guide 15-I
16-Apr 10 Study Guide 15-II
17-Apr 10 Study Guide 15-III
18-Apr M-Step
19-Apr 20 Quiz 15
20-Apr NG Unit 4 Review
23-Apr 100 Unit 4 Test
25-Apr 10 Section Review 16 (7-13p438 & 18-23p447)
26-Apr 10 Study Guide 16-I
27-Apr 10 Study Guide 16-II
30-Apr 10 Study Guide 16-III
1-May 20 Quiz 16

2-May  NWEA Testing




Earth Science B
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Date Pts Assignment

18-Apr M-Step Testing
19-Apr 10 Section Review H4 (1-5p103, 1-5p109, & 1-6p116)
20-Apr 10 Meeting Individual Needs H4-I
23-Apr 10 Hands-On-Activity H4-I
24-Apr 10 Hands-On-Activity H4-II
25-Apr 10 Hands-On-Activity H4-III
25-Apr 10 Meeting Individual Needs H4-II
26-Apr 10 Hands-On-Activity H4-IV
26-Apr 10 Meeting Individual Needs H4-III
27-Apr 10 Meeting Individual Needs H4-IV
30-Apr 20 Quiz H4
30-Apr 10 Chapter Review H4 (page 121-123, all but #22&27)
2-May NWEA Testing
3-May 50 Test H4



Boys Golf Schedule

Mon  16-Apr   No Pracitice
Tues 17-Apr   No Pracitice
Wed  18-Apr   3-6pm       HMGC
Thur  19-Apr   3-6pm       HMGC
Fri      20-Apr   4-7pm      Heather Hills (Almont)

Mon    23-Apr   3-6pm     HMGC
Tues    24-Apr   4-8pm    Richmond Forest (Richmond)
Wed    25-Apr   4-8pm    Willow Tree (Yale)
Thur    26-Apr   4-8pm   Micigan Meadows (Algonac)
Fri       27-Apr   3-6pm   HMGC

Mon   30-Apr   3-6pm     HMGC
Tues   1-May   3-6pm     HMGC
Wed   2-May   3-5pm      HMGC
Thur   3-May   1:30-4pm HMGC (Richmond)
Fri      4-May   3-6pm       HMGC

Mon   7-May    4-8pm        Castle Creek (IC)
Tues   8-May   3-6pm        HMGC
Wed   9-May    8am-2pm   HMGC (BC Inv)
Thur   10-May  3:30-7pm   Lakeview Hils (Cros-Lex)
Fri      11-May  3-6pm        HMGC

Mon   14-May   3:30-7pm  Timberwood (Armada)
Tues   15-May   3-6pm       HMGC
Wed   16-May   3-5pm        HMGC
Thur   17-May   8am-2pm   Solitude Links (Fort Gratiot)
Fri      18-May   3-6pm        HMGC

Mon   21-May    3-6pm        HMGC
Tues   22-May   3-6pm        HMGC
Wed   23-May    8am-2pm  Greenbrier (Mayville Inv)
Thur   24-May    3-5pm       HMGC
Fri      25-May    No Practice

Mon   28-May   No Practice
Tues   29-May  3-6pm         HMGC
Wed   30-May  11am-4pm  Regionals
Thur   31-May   3-5pm        HMGC
Fri       1-Jun   3-6pm          HMGC

Mon   4-Jun    3-6pm      HMGC
Tues   5-Jun   3-6pm      HMGC
Wed   6-Jun   3-5pm      HMGC
Thur   7-Jun   3-5pm      HMGC
Fri      8-Jun    State      TBA