PDA Ads (Parental Displays of Affection)

PDA Ads - Parental Displays of Affection

Due Date: December 15


PDA Order Form


Dear Parent:


PDA's are the are the “personal ads” that you see in the Yearbook that family members purchase for their graduate. These may include pictures, quotes, or just a simple “Congratulations” to your graduate.


Not only are “PDA” Ads a great way of getting some extra ink for your son or daughter, they also serve as a permanent expression of pride and they make a great graduation present. Any photos sent in will be returned to you at our earliest convenience.


Limited space is available and all orders will be considered based on the order in which they were received. All PDA orders must be received by December 20, 2016.  Please send all information to Capac High School, Attn: Tom Manney. Please make checks payable to Capac High School.


Thank you for your attention and for your support of the Capac Community Schools. Should you have any questions, please contact Tom Manney at Capac High School, (810) 395-3824 or e-mail tmanney@capacschools.us


                             *Please make checks payable to Capac High School.