Officer Roles and Responsibilities




• Must be a dynamic, enthusiastic, hard working individual

• Is responsible and able to effectively lead an organization

• Serves as the official representative of the group to other organizations

• Supervises the functioning of the elected officers

• Carries the main responsibility for the smooth running of group meetings



• Assumes the president's duties if necessary

  Is the link with local newspapers; Tri-City Times, Lapeer County Press, and Times Herald by 

  providing photos and /or articles on a regular basis.

• Works with the president and treasurer in budget and calendar preparation

• Assists the president in meeting agenda preparation

• Works behind the scenes to help iron out differences between people

• Assumes other responsibilities as assigned by the president



• Prepares and distributes the agenda for meetings

• Notifies members of upcoming meetings through making/posting of signs and submitting

  announcements to be made

• Keeps permanent records of who attended meetings

• Prepares letters of warning to be sent to those who are absent/tardy

• Maintains a file of original agendas and notes

• Types all letters of the president, vice president, and adviser

• Reports, files, and answers all correspondence

• Maintains contact names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of people with     

  which the organization regularly works

• Keeps copies of activity calendars and special events

• Writes notes of courtesy, thank you, congratulations, etc.



• Keeps accurate records of all financial transactions

• Periodically reports a summary of the monetary transactions at meetings

• Predicts how money will be used in the future and makes concrete suggestions for saving

  money and increasing efficiency

• Maintains an accurate and detailed financial record of all money collected and spent

• Works closely with the president and vice president in preparing a workable year-long calendar

  and budget

• Oversees expenses and revenues

• Authorizes payment vouchers, reviews purchase order, and gives final approval before invoices

  are paid

• Deposits money quickly to prevent  accidental loss



• In charge of developing a pictorial and written record of the highlights of the year

• Incorporates an all-year effort in collecting and recording events

• Collects photos, written reports, clippings and other materials into a scrapbook



• Represents NHS to the community

• Must have well-developed people skills

• Works with many people in the community that seek NHS membership service

• Keeps a record of people and their contact numbers who call for NHS service

• Maintains any necessary interaction with community contact people

• Connects with speakers for membership meetings

• Makes arrangements to meet speakers as they arrive to the building

• Tabulates monthly service hours for each member

• Distributes a record of service hours at each monthly meeting



• Should be a member of the student council

• Is the representative of both organizations to the Capac School Board

• Attends and reports at each school board meeting

• Is able to make a professional presentation

• Accepts additional NHS responsibilities as needed