Beginning Art Class

Beginning Art Class

Art I


Students create projects in printmaking, sculpture, and visual communication representing fine art, graphic art, and craft. Lectures and discussions focus on production techniques and on historically significant examples of each art form, representing a variety of cultures and art periods.


Students focus on the creation of form (clay, paper mache, etc.) and space using the elements of art and principles of design. They analyze the structure of forms and study drawing in perspective.


Students explore drawing, design, and illustration through exercises and a study of published examples. They study the works of outstanding artists as a basis for developing one’s drawing style. Students do abstract, three-dimensional design exercises and solve design problems through a series of sketches before turning in their final.


We also have all art students create a ceramic bowl for the charity event, The Empty Bowls Dinner. In addition, they will also complete a clay project that they may keep.


I encourage all students to exhibit their work in our student art shows. Again, I feel this shows pride and ownership of a completed project.


Sarah Lathangue


capac days


Brandon Heiden on the wheel


Clay photo