Art History



lascaux photo


"Art is like light", as a famous composer once said.  "Everybody knows what it is, but few can tell you what it is".


     Art is difficult to define.  Unlike light, though, art isn't one thing or a single phenomenon.  People create it, and that's enough to make it complicated and subject to many definitions.

     Art can be personal, art can call for social change, and art can portray human emotions as well as evoke them.  It can express harmony or disharmony, show the simple and everyday in unfamiliar ways, or be monumental, mysterious, and fantastic.


     This year we will be exploring many countries and their artworks from ancient times to present day New York City.  We wil be looking at artworks created by hunters during the Paleolithic period from 15,000 B.C. discovered at the Lascaux Cave in France, we will also look at the great pyramids in Egypt, the mysterious circle of stones called Stonehenge in England, Classical Greek art, and many other historical periods and the artists that helped to sculpt them.


     We can discover the "good" of art when we see how new thoughts about art, new movements among artists and changes in style give us new ways of seeing the world.  And that is, certainly, a kind of light.