Advanced Art Class

Advanced Art

Art II, III, and IV


Art II


Art II students will be completing many of the same projects and drawings as the other advanced students; mainly because Art III and IV are housed in the same room during Art II class period. It’s taught at the same time, basically. However, my expectations for my Art II students are not at the same level for the more advanced artist. On that note, I do expect there to be significant creative growth for the duration of the school year. My expectations are high for every student in my class. I expect you to give 100%, just as you would in any other class at Capac High School.


Art III and IV


Students will be exploring many of same media that were introduced in Art II. We will be working with graphite, acrylics, watercolors, pastel, oil pastel, marker, paper mache, wood, mosaic, and clay.


Students in Advanced Art classes will apply skills and techniques gained in Art II while exploring new expressive media, creating unique artistic projects and studying Art History.  More exmphasis will be placed on the student's individual style of development and his/her overall improvement.


Although many of my students in the advanced classes are given a theme or subject matter to use as a basis for a project,  many students will be expected to be self-guided, self-motivated,  and work independently.


Art IV students focus on a medium and art form of their choice, using both assigned and self-selected subject matter.


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