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6th Grade Policies at Capac Elementary School

Homework Policy

Students must bring their homework to class and have it on time. If they are not in their homeroom, they will not be allowed to go back to their homeroom to get it once class has started.
All assignments must be completed or they will be considered not finished and will not be accepted.
Any missing/unfinished assignments can be turned in late prior to the unit test. The student will get reduced credit on the late assignment that is turned in. Otherwise, the assignment will remain a zero.
We DO allow students to redo any completed assignment that is below 75%. They need to correct the questions that they got wrong on the assignment and attach it to the original to turn in to the teacher. The best they can get on this redo assignment is a 75%.

Homework Achievement Club

The student can have no more than 1 late assignment per marking period.
The student must have no missing assignments per marking period.
Students meeting the above requirements for the marking period will be invited to join in a special HAC activity. Past trips/activities have been:

Movie at a local theater
Roller Skating
Sawmill City (Go Karts, Bumper Boats, Putt-Putt, etc.)

Checking Grades

Students in 6th grade are responsible for keeping track of their grades and missing work.
It is suggested that each student checks Skyward a minimum of 1-2 times per week.
Students and parents should be advised that grades may be entered through the last day of the marking period.

Contacting Us

There are a couple of ways to contact us. You can either send us a note and we will write you back, or you can call or email us. Email is usually the quickest way we can contact you because we can’t usually do phone calls until the end of the day, but we can email more easily throughout the day. These email addresses are found on the school's website as well.
Also, the office requests the parents/guardians do not call/email about changing your child’s schedule after 2 PM as it may be difficult to pass along the change in schedule in a timely manner.




Mrs. Burke:

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