Capac Virtual Education Program (CVEP)
Capac Virtual Education Program (CVEP) is an online education program dedicated to helping students move toward the goal of graduation in a non-traditional method.  CVEP is offered to students in grades 6-12 and includes all core subjects, electives, AP classes, and credit recovery courses.  Students have the opportunity to choose from learning virtually (at home) or enrolling in our hybrid program that meets for a shortened time schedule Monday through Friday as well as working online at home.  Both options include onsite tutoring from highly qualified teachers.  Equipment is provided.


CVEP allows the opportunity for students to move at a pace that is more accelerated than the classroom so that early graduation, graduating on time, and catching up on missing credits is available.  CVEP also provides an alternative to those who have had challenges with attendance, behavior and academic progress; have challenging medical conditions; or have been traditionally part of the home-schooled population.
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