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Crossroads Enrollment on the Upswing!


Why are students from Armada, Almont, Memphis, Imlay City, Yale and Brown City coming to Capac to attend school at Crossroads Alternative High School?


These out of district students have driven up enrollment to record numbers. According to Felicia Gaddis, a student from Armada, she came to Crossroads when she knew she wouldn’t be graduating on time unless she changed environments and her approach feliciato education.


 “Leaving Armada was a difficult decision---I left a lot behind. But when I got to Crossroads, I was surprised at how supportive staff was and how welcoming the other students were. No one judges anyone at Crossroads. I feel like this is home. I love being able to just be myself and work without worry—setting my own pace and getting help when I need it.”


Felicia admitted going from a classroom to an online environment was difficult at first, but stated: “It actually suited me better. I like working without pressure and the staff at Crossroads helps me if I get stuck on something.”


While half of Crossroads’ students are from out of district, the school still draws heavily from those in district. Chelsea Tobey is good example. She came to the school in her sophomore year, finding a traditional setting too intimidating.


“I felt like I was being lost in the crowd. I was overwhelmed,” she said.  “At Crossroads, I feel like I’ve become part of a family. People here have helped me through so many struggles; not just with school related issues, but with personal issues, too. I know that some of the lessons I’ve learned at Crossroads will help me later in life.”


Chelsea will be graduating this June and will be sorry to say goodbye.  However, she’ll remain a strong supporter of the program. “People who don’t know better have different views on what it means to be in an alternative school and who goes there. The kids at Crossroads just have different needs and require a different approach to learning. One size doesn’t fit all. Some people think Crossroads is easier, but that’s not so. We follow the same curriculum and work hard.”


Web 6The key to success in the program, she is quick to tell people, is determination. “Kids who don’t take the program seriously, won’t move through as quickly as those who set goals and fight for them.”


Regardless of the uncertainty in education due to the budget and other factors, Crossroads’ future remains bright, as can be seen by the increase in numbers and by the positive attitude of its students.  This year we have a record eighteen potential graduates. The program ‘s reputation continues to grow throughout the county and to serve as an example that education works best when it is student centered and based on the concept that all students are valuable and capable of learning. 


At this time, Crossroads is receiving applications for the next school year. Please call 810-395-4074 for enrollment information. Space is limited, and applications are processed on a “first come, first serve” basis.

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