Superintendent's Desk

Superintendent 's Letter


Dear Capac Community:


I am excited to join the Capac Community and Capac Community Schools.  I hope to build relationships with students, parents, school personnel, and community members as soon as possible.  Speaking with Board members and administrators, along with viewing the Capac Schools website it is very apparent that there are a lot of great opportunities for students in our District.  It is my sincere hope to continue the positives that have been established and to build upon them to greater enhance the experiences in Capac. 


I am also excited to work with the Board, and all stakeholders, on implementing and enhancing the strategic plan adopted in 2016. 


Our mission: Capac Strong. Learn. Dream. Grow.


Our vision: To be recognized as a community that values education, positive character traits, and life-long learning.


Our belief statements: Every student is important.  Education is a community endeavor.  Education is the foundation of success.  We are responsible for providing a safe and nurturing environment.


Our 5 Goals:


  1. Capac Community Schools will improve rigor and standing by engaging all learners.
  2. Capac Community Schools will create new opportunities for both athletics and academics in order to become a destination district.
  3. Capac Community Schools will provide and environment for personnel and leadership success.
  4. Capac Community Schools will use multiple communication mediums to promote positive highlights of Capac Community Schools.
  5. Capac Community Schools will maintain the district’s full operational needs within a balanced budget and achieve a visually appealing environment.


I believe this strategic plan is an excellent guide to our District and will be a great tool in moving our District onward and upward.   


Again, I am excited to join the Capac team.





Jeff Terpenning