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Lunch Prices and Free and Reduced Lunch Information

Here is a letter from Vicki Watson, Director of Dining Services, regarding lunch pricing for the 2017-18 school year:  Lunch Prices  


Reminder - Free/Reduced meal applications for the 2017/18 school year will be available at all open houses, food service office & on the district website. All benefits do transfer over to the new school year from last year, but will expire on October 17, 2017 if a new application is not submitted. Applications are accepted throughout the school year. 


Free and Reduced Lunch Application:

English Version

Spanish Version 


Attention Parents

The food service department will again be sending out automated phone calls, to student's parents with low or negative balances.  If you have any questions, please contact the food service office at (810) 395-3855.


Meal Serving Schedules & Prices

Capac Elementary serves Universal breakfast (all students receive free breakfast) daily, in the classroom, at 7:40 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.  Lunch is served daily from 10:40 a.m. - 12:40 p.m.  A bag lunch is also available on 1/2 days.  The price for a paid student lunch is $2.50, reduced student lunch is $ .40 and adult lunch is $4.20.


Jr/Sr High School breakfast is served daily from 7:40 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. in the cafeteria.  The price for a paid student breakfast is $1.50, reduced student breakfast is $ .30, and adult breakfast is $1.90. 

Jr/Sr High School lunch periods are as follows:  Tech lunch 10:45 - 11:00 a.m., A lunch is served from 11:06 a.m. - 11:43 a.m., Virtual Lunch 11:44 a.m. - 12:08 p.m. and B lunch is served from 12:09 p.m. - 12:46 p.m.  Lunch is also available on 1/2 days. Students must pre-order, in the cafeteria, the morning of.  The price for a paid student lunch is $2.85, reduced student lunch is $ .40, paid student Ready, Set, Deli is $3.35, reduced student Ready, Set, Deli is $ .40 and adult lunch is $4.20.




Jr/Sr High School Breakfast Menu

Jr/Sr High School Breakfast Carb Counts


Reimburseable Breakfast Meal Requirements


Jr/Sr High School Price List 2017/18


Jr/Sr High School Lunch Menu for the week of 2/5/18

Jr/Sr High School Lunch Menu for the week of 2/12/18


Jr/Sr High School Lunch Carb Counts for the week of 2/5/18

Jr/Sr High School Lunch Carb Counts for the week of 2/12/18

**Subject to change without notice


Reimburseable Lunch Meal Requirements

Elementary Breakfast Carb Counts - February 5 - March 2, 2018

Elementary Lunch Carb Counts - February 5 - March 2, 2018


Elementary February 5 thru March 2, 2018 - Breakfast and Lunch Menu

February Activity Sheet

**Subject to change without notice










In 2015, Chartwells K12 teamed up with Prevent Child Abuse America to educate our teams on peer-to-peer abuse, commonly known as bullying, through training and awareness initiatives.

In 2016, we partnered to address cyberbullying, an increased health concern among parents and our partners as well as a great next step as we engage with students digitally.

For 2017, we are thrilled to share the power of Sit With Us, a student-designed app that's combating bullying and create more inclusive school cafes - one lunch at a time!  



Capac Foodservice is managed by Chartwells .  A division of Compass Group.



Chartwells Introduces Menu Changes for Healthier Eating for Your Children

See what's new with our menus and food service program this year to offer healthier eating choices for your children. 

Chartwells Menu Changes


Parent Letter



Charge Policy


Students use their lunch account to purchase breakfast, lunch and food items once money has been deposited into their account. This policy is designed for the convenience of the parents and students. We know that things get forgotten, so we allow elementary students to charge A SCHOOL MEAL ONLY.


· Capac Elementary : up to four (4) times (a total of $10.00)

· Capac Jr/Senior High School: NO CHARGING


A La Carte selections are not allowed to be charged.


After four (4) charges, elementary students will still receive a cheese sandwich, a piece of fruit, serving of vegetable and a milk until they pay their charges. They will not go without eating. Parents do have the option of not allowing their child to charge at all. If this is chosen, they will have to borrow money, call home, or bring a lunch from home.


After Spring Break we cut off all charging and request that parents pay off all debt owed before the end of the school year.


All charges not paid before the end of the school year will be carried forward into the next school year, even if your child switches buildings. We reserve the right to transfer funds and balances between members of the same household.


Jr/Senior High school students who owe money at the end of the year will be subject to the same policies as when they have fines and lost books.


Capac Schools will not accept Canadian money to pay for lunches. Nor will we accept francs, yen or any other foreign currency.


Check Cashing Policy


  • WE DO NOT CASH CHECKS at any of the Food Service locations within the district, we do not cash checks into cash for students. The entire amount that the check is written for is put into your student's account. We cannot accept third party checks. It is easier for cashiers to accept a check written for one account, but we will divide up a check into different accounts if requested. PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Capac Food Service


Large Bills


  • When our cashiers at the Elementary and Jr/Senior High School receive a 20 or 50 bill, we will deposit the entire amount into the students account, not break it and hand them cash back.