Athletic Hall of Fame

The Capac Sports hall of Fame is dedicated to those athletes and coaches who have represented Capac High School in interscholastic competition and achieved top State honors in their chosen sport.

It also honors those who have made outstanding all around contributions to interscholastic athletics at Capac High School.

The individuals and teams enshrined on these walls are an integral part of the Capac Athletic Tradition. May their achievements be an example and an inspiration to those young men and women who will follow them.


Hall of Fame Inductees



Antonelli, Aaron

Behnke, Lisa

Beischer, Josh

Brozowski, Kathleen

Brunell, daryl

Bullock, Ryan

Chernenko, Jim

Clauw, Sarah

Fournier, Steven

Gonzales, Peter

Hayden, Ellie

Hunnsucker, Donnie

Johnson, Melissa

Jurn, Danine

Kegler, Marilyn

Kinzer, Fred

Kobayashi, Ken

LaFleur, Michael

Leonard, Joe

Majeski, Edmond

Meikle, Jake

Murray, Matt

Parker, Greg

Petz, Dan

Pietrzak, C.J.

Printz, Johnna

Pykosz, Kristi

Stansberry, Suzy


Non Athletes


Brozowski, Pat

Conrad, Dr. Norbert

Hunt, Fred

Mailloux, Tom

Moore, Harry

Redding, Barb

Remenap, Joseph

Rosas, Mike

Smith, Donald F.

Young, David




1962-63 Boy's Basketball Team

1963 880 Yard Relay Team

1984-85 Girl's Cross Country Team

1986-87 Girl's Cross Country Team

1985 3200 Meter Relay Team

1997 Football Team